Polymobil houses already with their appearance are different from mobile houses of other companies. We are the first producer of that type of house with an exterior layer of classic façade. We offer more than 200 various façade colours that are resistant to weather conditions and also give a beautiful appearance to the hours. We also produce mobile houses from natural stone (Istrian style, Toscanini style…).

We combine construction with ecological material that contributes to a quality stay in such facilities.

Our offer includes:
– palette house: its main advantage is its mounting on location (in the case of difficult access for transport devices)
– business mobile facilities – Polymobil
– toilet mobile facilities – Polymobil

We produce numerous various types of mobile houses. Each has an already made blueprint that can be individually changed or a new one can be built from the beginning if the client desires.

Each Polymobil house is unique because when designing the house the following is chosen:

Basic equipment:
– size of the house(blueprint under existing dimensions of various types of houses, from 5,5 x 3,0 m do 10,0 x 8,0 m)
– colour of the facade (more than 200 various façade colours)
– colour of roof
– combination of façade decorations (stone, corner elements, decorative elements around windows)
– manner of heating sanitary water (gas or electricity)
– type and colour of floor covering
– colour of furniture
– colour of decorations (curtains, pillows, sitting furniture…)

Additional equipment:
– entrance (from regular to panoramic sliding doors)
– insect screens, blinds
– additional household devices (dishwashing machine, laundry machine, oven…)
– terrace, canopies