Polymobil SUPERIOR is a line of mobile house of a higher standard that can satisfy the needsand desires of the most demanding guests – clients.

They will thrill you with their comfort, spacious interior and excellent interior and exterior design.

The mobile house of the SUPERIOR line offers you sanctuary for a vacation at the sea and they can be set at any place, even at the highest levels above the sea. The mobile house Polymobil can also become a home for your family because it has excellent isolation and large savings in heating.

Furthermore, this line is separated from the rest of the competition because of its innovative exterior which reminds of the classic construction style. You can choose between a few hundred various façade colours and various stone façade coverings (Istria, Toscana…).

Just as the entire family Polymobil, this line also has important advantages:
“A mobile house that you can adapt to your desires and needs”
“We listen to your desires”

SUPERIOR***** line includes:
– Excellent spatial design of young designers
– Higher quality and comfort
– Modern equipment
– Special comfort with a touch of luxury